Webinar: Laser Therapy for Sports Medicine Tendinopathies, Ligament & Joint Rehabilitation


From Rafael Nadal to the Paris St Germain, Bayer Munich, Inter Milan and UK Premiership Football and Rugby clubs, from Prima Ballerinas to the New York Yankees - K-Laser Therapy has been used for sport injuries of elite athletes for almost two decades. The aim of this webinar is to educate Sport Therapists and Medical Professionals on the science and clinical applications of Advanced Class IV Laser Therapy, and improve their clinical outcomes and quality of healing for short and long-term rehabilitation of sports people.

We will introduce the science behind the therapy, and discuss the benefits of Photobiomodulation for common injuries such as:

Stress Fractures
Patella Tendinopathy
Calcaneal Tendonitis
Calf Muscle Tear
Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Cruciate and Ankle Ligament injury
Shoulder and Elbow Tendinopathies
Head, Neck, and Spinal Trauma, and more

The webinar hosted by Stephen Barabas

22 Oct 1 hour 15 minutes