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K•Laser Therapy

Scientifically Proven, Non-Invasive, Versatile.

The Leader in Class IV power, featuring therapeutic wavelengths that are effective and safe for all skin tones. Scientifically proven protocols tailorable on the individual through a user-friendly touch-screen interface, regularly updated over time so that your K-Laser never falls into clinical obsolescence. An integrative therapy to use in conjunction with standard techniques or as a stand-alone therapy, expanding and improving your treatment options.

The most portable and versatile therapeutic and ablative lasers on the market, K-Lasers are the pinnacle of laser technology, suitable for use within multi-disciplined hospitals to a one-man clinic.

Red and Infra-Red Light for Rehabilitation and Pain Management.

Blue Light for Cosmetic and Dental.

The K-Laser Cube is used by Medics, Manual Therapists and Podiatric Clinicians. The K-Laser Blue is used by Dermatologists, Aestheticians and Dental Clinicians.

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From musculoskeletal rehabilitation to wound healing. From pain management to podiatric care. From dermatology to dental applications.

Whichever your specialisation is, there is a K-Laser for you.


Pain Management

Wound Care

Clinicians and patients talk about K-Laser Therapy



I have just treated a member of the under 18 team England and Sale Sharks. He had a long-term shoulder pain/injury that had kept him out of the squad for 6 weeks despite intense manual and medical therapies, the results after 2 K-Laser sessions were amazing, by the fourth session his physiotherapist has given him the OK to play for England in Poland in a few weeks.

Dr. Andrew St Clair Logan

We have had great success with tendinopathies, plantar fasciitis, backs and soft tissue injuries including trigger fingers. Our referrals have shot up without any marketing, to the extent we have had to employ more staff as all our clinics are at maximum capacity.

Cordelia Squire

The K-Laser has increased the range and quality of treatments we can now offer our patients, used either in combination with existing chiropractic techniques or as a sole therapy. We have had some remarkable success stories from chronic, long-standing osteoarthritic or back disorders to acute musculoskeletal injuries and fracture repairs.

Julien Barker

As a professional stunt man, I pick up an awful lot of injuries along the way. One particularly injury was a broken ankle I had, and although I was back on my feet in 2 weeks I was in a lot of pain. I had the pain for almost two years, until Stephen brought his laser... Within 3 sessions I was no longer in pain doing normal everyday things. Three sessions later, the pain was completely gone. I even managed to do a 16-foot jump and land on my feet as part of one of my stunts - after such a long time injured it felt like a massive breakthrough. I am so grateful for how the laser has helped.

Ben Wright

I noticed an improvement in relief from pain after the first treatment which became more noticeable after Beth used the upgraded K-Laser device at week 5 and 6. The treatment reduced my pain significantly and provided more flexibility for longer between treatments. I will continue to have the K-Laser treatment on my regular visits and would recommend others to try the K-Laser device for their treatment.

Nick Morgan


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