The Most Advanced Laser For Aesthetic Use

The first truly portable blue 445nm laser in the world to perform non-invasive and surgical together with therapy options for advanced healing and repair. The most versatile and high performing laser for the aesthetic practice.

High-technology is combined with the distinct characteristics of a 445nm blue wavelength, which performs treatments without bleeding, minimizing infections, with minimal to no analgesia required.

In synergy with the blue light, the 660nm and 970nm wavelengths provide superficial and deep biostimulation of tissues, to optimise the healing and minimise downtime for the patient. Furthermore, K-Laser Blue technology is regularly updated with the latest protocols and treatments due to its Wi-Fi connectivity.

K-Laser Blue does not need expensive service contracts; it is consumable-free, and all surgical components can be sterilised as required.

K-Laser Blue is powerful, compact, light, portable and can be run from a battery.

Applications Of K•Laser BLUE For Aesthetic Use


• Dermatological Treatments
• Thread Veins and Spider Veins
• Laser Liposuction (chin)
• Gynaecological Aesthetics
• Fractional Skin Resurfacing
• Toenail Fungus
• Skin Rejuvenation


• Biostimulation for Improved Healing
• Tissue Repair and Wound Healing
• Photodynamic Therapy PDT
• Pain Therapy
• Acne Treatments

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