Webinar: K-Laser Foot and Ankle Show


Discover how K-laser Therapy is revolutionising Podiatric care in the UK. A scientifically proven, non-invasive, painless treatment option, suitable for all patients and for a variety of applications.

- MSK: an analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment that stimulates the body’s own reparative processes and accelerates healing.
- Verruca’s: a revolutionary treatment that burns the infected tissue and simultaneously cauterises the capillaries. No bleeding, no dressing, no aftercare, mild/no pain.
- Onychomycosis: clears the infection by burning the fungus within the toenail, whilst stimulating tissue repair in the toenail bed. - Wound Healing: activates and speeds up the healing process and provides local immunoregulation.
- And more… An integrative therapy to use in conjunction with standard techniques or as a standalone therapy, expanding your treatment options.

The revolutionary K-laser Therapy differentiates your clinic from the competition, increases referrals and generates new profit.

By Antonella Chierchia
16th and 17th Oct 2020 - 31 minutes