Webinar: K-Laser Therapy: The All-in-One Tool for Podiatrists


Medical technology allows Podiatrists to expand and improve their treatment options. This webinar provides an overview of the many applications of K-Laser Therapy, the most advanced and most versatile tool in Podiatry practice: an all-in-one, portable piece of equipment with no consumables. We review the mechanism of action and science behind its wide range of therapeutic applications: 1) MSK disorders (plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, vascular insufficiency, Raynaud Syndrome, fractures, post orthopaedic rehabilitation, tendonitis, bursitis, injuries and more) 2) Verruca’s 3) Onychomycosis 4) Pain management (Arthritis, Heel Spurs, Haglund’s deformity, neuropathies) 5) Wound healing (diabetic and pressure ulcers, post-surgical incision sites, toenail avulsion) 6) Skin disorders (pyogenic granulomas, chilblains, psoriasis) The therapy is suitable for all patients: children, elderly, pregnant women, cancer patients, diabetic patients, people with metal implants and severe illnesses are all eligible for this non-invasive therapy, with no side effects and no risk of allergic reactions. We discuss clinical delivery and practical aspects like the implementation in practice, the regulation, and return on investment: everything a Podiatrist needs to know about Class IV Laser Therapy. The webinar was hosted by Antonella Chierchia, Photobiomodulation specialist and Honorary Laser Therapy Consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust.