Webinar: Laser Therapy for Circulation and Lymphatics


Vasodilation, tissue perfusion, angiogenesis, circulation in the blood and lymphatic systems, both superficially and at depth, can be substantially increased and optimised through Photobiomodulation Therapy, also know as Laser Therapy. This webinar will review the literature, the mechanism of action and the various applications of Laser Therapy for vasodilation and improved circulation. We will review the treatment protocol for conditions such as: - Oedema - Poor circulation in the hands and feet - Wound healing in ischaemic and diabetic patients - Tissue detoxification - Raynaud's Syndrome - Erectile Dysfunction - Hair Loss And more... This webinar is aimed at all healthcare professionals who are interested in non-invasive , scientifically sound treatment modalities, suitable for patients of all ages and clinical status - from athletes to desk-workers, from children to elderly people, from pregnant women to injured and ill patients. Laser Therapy is one of the most versatile treatment options available to the modern clinician. This webinar will be presented by Dr Stephen Barabas, Honorary Laser Therapy Specialist at Guys' and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, Laser Therapy practitioner and trainer, Director of K-Laser UK. The webinar was live, and questions are answered during the Q&A section.

10th June 2021 1 hour 11 minutes