Webinar: Laser Therapy in Podiatry – Setting Up a Successful Laser Therapy Clinic


This one hour webinar with CPD credits is for podiatrists wanting to set up a successful Laser service or improve their existing one. We will initially go over all the clinical applications possible through using good Class IV laser therapy within a podiatric clinic, to illustrate the wide range of clinical usage alongside existing techniques and therapies.

Then, we will answer key podiatrists' common questions: - What is the UK national regulation for laser use in a podiatry practice? - What training do I need, and what is the learning curve? - Do I need to make adjustments to my treatment room? - What Health and safety measures do I need to follow? - What documentation is required, and do I need special insurance cover? - How much should I charge for laser treatments?

Furthermore, we will discuss: - Business opportunities: in practice, home treatments, care homes, collaborations with other businesses - Marketing and Promotion of the Podiatric Laser Clinic - Return on Investment - Costs and Options for Payment

Antonella Chierchia
1 hour 24 minutes - 12th June 2020