Webinar: Demystifying Laser Therapy – Science VS Marketing Claims


Controversies around Laser Therapy: learn to recognise the Science from the marketing claims in this webinar. "Laser Therapy activates photosensitising drugs" (False). "Dark skin tones are not eligible for Laser Therapy" (False). "Laser Therapy can reverse hair loss" (Mostly True). "Class IV therapy lasers will burn your patient!" (False). These and other common claims about Photobiomodulation will be reviewed and discussed by Laser Therapy Consultant Antonella Chierchia, who will explain the principles and present scientific evidence.

Antonella Chierchia: Laser Therapy Consultant, technical instructor and researcher at Guys' and St Thomas' hospitals, London, within the Hand Therapy department and the Foot Health Department. Chief Laser practitioner at Dr Kaye’s Surgery, South Kensington, London. Clinical Director, lecturer and trainer for K-Laser UK.

28th January 2021 - 1 hour 42 minutes