Webinar: HOW LASER THERAPY ENHANCES SPORTS PERFORMANCE – Tendinopathies, Ligaments and Joint Rehabilitation


Today the demands on modern athletes whether professionals or semi-professional, exacerbated by COVID restrictions, has created an increase in sports injuries. The pressures to return and perform at the highest levels without further break-downs, or protracted periods of time recovering - is challenging for both the athlete and any support team around them. Modern medical and manual therapists need to enhance and assimilate new techniques and equipment to improve the quality and speed of rehabilitation they provide. Science and technology in the world of Class IV Laser therapy have significantly improved clinical outcomes in the sporting arena over the last 5 years, above and beyond what was previously known with less powerful therapy lasers. This webinar aims to introduce new science and clinical applications for modern Therapy Lasers to sports clinicians, and demonstrate how it complements and improves pain management and tissue rehabilitation, ensuring sports people return back to full fitness stronger and healthier than without Class IV Laser.