Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation) has been used by practitioners around the world for decades, hundreds of studies have been published on the mechanism of action, many specifically on joint disorders.

In this webinar we focus on Shoulder Disorders, presenting the scientific literature and the treatment strategies for a range of pathologies, including bursitis, acute and chronic tendinitis, tendon tears, fractures, shoulder instability and arthritis.

This educational overview will allow clinicians to understand how to use therapeutic lasers to reduce inflammation, improve tissue repair, modulate pain and enhance the effectiveness of manual adjustment and physical therapy.

A Q&A section allowed attendees to ask questions live to the speaker Antonella Chierchia, Laser Therapy Specialist. In addition, Naval Mair joined for discussion and integration of K-Laser into his clinical practice.

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For more information write to info@klaseruk.co.uk.